Successful launch of the HRK customer portal with many positive reactions!

Digital Service

On January 1, 2021, our company introduced the digital HRK customer portal. You can access your personal assets online via the customer portal - at any time and from anywhere. Retrieval is possible via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. We think that this has significantly improved our service for you which is reflected in the numerous positive feedbacks and your strong interest.

The way to the client portal is simple: Via the client login on the Huber, Reuss & Kollegen website (, you log in with your individual access data and then you are ready to use the portal. The central element is the presentation of your assets, which is updated daily. With just a few clicks, you can track the overall development of your assets, the deposits and withdrawals in the portfolios and the structure of the portfolio. Multiple portfolios can also be accessed via one account (e.g., portfolios of minors or portfolios over which you have a power of attorney).

HRK customer portal (Client-login)


On the Huber, Reuss & Kollegen website, you will find the customer login at the top right. Here you can log in with your individual access data. If you are interested in the client portal, you can request an application form via your portfolio manager or by e-mail (nfhrkvvd). You will then receive your user name and password by mail.

HRK customer portal (Assets)


Under the link "Asset Status" on the customer portal page, clients can see all important information about their portfolio. From the current asset situation and performance since the beginning of the year to the breakdown of assets by asset class. The graphical representation provides a good overview.

HRK customer portal (Portfolio)


On the "Portfolio" page, the contents of your portfolio are shown in detail. With a click on the respective position, further details are displayed - such as the date of the first purchase, purchase cost, amount of unrealized profits and much more. The chart shows the performance since purchase.

HRK customer portal (Structural analysis)

Structural analysis

If you would like to know which asset classes are allocated in your portfolio in percentage terms, you can view this via "Structural analysis". There you can also see the sectors in which your stock portfolio is invested in and the durations in the fixed income portion.

Reporting in the digital mailbox

The customer portal offers even more advantages. For example, the semi-annual HRK Report, the Annual Outlook in January or current newsletters can be accessed and read via the electronic mailbox. We also provide the quarterly reporting on your portfolio via the electronic mailbox. Since many reports comprise 20 pages or more, this saves tens of thousands of pages of paper per year. In this way, the HRK customer portal helps protect the environment and makes an important contribution to our sustainability strategy.

We are thankful that almost 600 clients are already using the new digital service and have given us positive feedback.

If you are also interested, please feel free to contact your portfolio manager or E-Mail nfhrkvvd to request the application form.

Terms of use

» Take advantage of the new HRK customer portal. You will be delighted with its features. «

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