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Huber, Reuss & Kollegen
Vermögensverwaltung GmbH
Steinsdorfstraße 13
D-80538 Munich

Tel.: +49 (0)89 216686-0
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Maintaining the highest standards

We are a modern company, but our values and beliefs are traditional. For us, the client always stands in the forefront and not their assets. Together with them, we aim to build long and fruitful relationships that rely on mutual trust, commitment and of course our passion to embody the values of the private banker.

» Every tradition
once begun as a novelty. «

J.C.F. Schiller 1759-1805

As an independent asset management Huber, Reuss & Kollegen is unique, as we act independently from any third party interests and influences. As we are not bound or subject to any sales restrictions when we select suitable investment products, we can decide freely with which product we work with. We always verify, prior to an investment that the product is aligned with our standards of quality and reliability.


This allows us to advise clients in an entirely objective way and ensure that the decisions made are exclusively to their benefit.

We see our clients as partners, and act as attorneys of their assets. Individuality, professionality and a high-degree of transparency are particularly important to us, as they are fundamental for creating successful long-term co-operations based on trust and mutual benefit.


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