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To us, modern investing is conservative investing

A conservative, value-oriented investment strategy that focuses on preserving the real value of the assets is the core of our services. We create individual investment plans for each client by looking at the needs, goals and personal experiences they have, in addition to factors like risk tolerance, life plans and necessity for liquid assets.


» The success of the asset manager lies in his ability to focus on the clients true needs! « 

Investments are selected together with independent analysts. We seek to anticipate trends and invest in a countercyclical way in order to maintain adequate risk diversification. We do this through an active risk management and by counteracting fluctuations on the capital market with suitable hedging strategies. Even if investments may appear lucrative, for the safety of our clients assets we invest exclusively in companies and securities whose business model we understand and can trace. Otherwise, we decide against the investment, even if it appears to be lucrative.


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